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Time for a change [Nov. 9th, 2008|01:40 pm]
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Happy Birthday 06
This journal has moved.
See you there.
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* HIATUS * [Jul. 14th, 2008|02:12 pm]
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I haven't been blogging for awhile and haven't been photographing much either;
both of which I'm thoroughly disappointed about.
There's a lot going through my mind right now and I'm not really having any creative
inclanations, so I I will be taking a break from writing and posting.
I feel bad because I really enjoy being on here but I need to get things sorted
before anything. I'll still come on every so often to read everyone's posts
and if anyone leaves comments, I'll be sure to reply.

Here's to hoping everything does get sorted and I get back to my cheery self.

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"In a perfect world"...Well, my world could almost be [Jun. 24th, 2008|03:32 pm]
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Yesterday was my first day at uni. Lots of reading to do indeed. My Biology class was in the morning. I have no problems with bio, like it very much so will just have to make sure I'm on top of coursework and the assigned readings.
The professor seems fun and his class is one that students try to get in for during the semester. Yay me!
It just sucks majorly that I haven't got anything to do in between that and my next class -which is at 7pm. So of course I've already gotten a head start on looking for work on campus. Fingers crossed.
My next class was interesting. It's Career Counselling -who doesn't need that- AND my professor. Hahahaha...he looks like a Ken doll. Very clean cut California type, with the striped short-sleeved polo and flipflops. The girls sitting in front were all too giggly. It's so funny how he's totally selling his class that it sounded more like a product in the market instead of education. But no worries, I kinda like the premise of the class. We'll be having speakers come in, be doing personality tests -enjoy these always- and all that fun stuff.
I have quite a lot of reading for tomorrow.
A couple of not too great things from last night and this morning -that I won't go into detail anymore. I'm sulky, mad and a bit stressed out. And I was thinking my week would be good.
Sometimes, life and people are full of crap. But then again I guess it gets me to move off my butt and do something. Thankful for the little upsides. Fingers crossed to a better rest of the week, I told Ems. And I'm gonna run tonight. I need it anyways.

Today I got a lot done. Finally got my paperwork sorted from uni and got my temporary driver's license extension. Woohoo! Last time, it took me almost a year to get it! Thank god for Sayaka's advice to go to the DMV at Laguna Hills. Well worth the drive I tell you.

Nevertheless, in spite of strees, I have to go shopping for my aunt this retail therapy and best bit is [even if it's not shopping for myself] not my money. Something to look forward to!

The Little Pink and Green

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I like sending mail, cause I like the taste of envelope adhesive [Jun. 18th, 2008|10:40 pm]
[I am |happyhappy]
[I can hear |Love Song by Sara Bareilles]

I'm back :)
Since Monday actually...and mind you I was shattered.
My cousin, Maria was graduating on the 15th and I had booked to fly on the 13th
so we could do a Napa day trip. She couldn't make it anyway because she was taking
some classes, so I travel on my own.

I get into San Jose and rent myself a compact car then drive to Santa Cruz to stay
with my cousin. The drive was loopy, much like Baguio on the Philippines -except
here if you sort of go beyond the road the barriers are there to catch you. In the
Phils...well, there are the cliffs.
I get to Santa Cruz one hour later, not bad for one who's never been in the area.
The sky was kind of grey and everyone in the street had on jumpers...Errr...I only
packed warm weather clothes...
Maria takes me to dinner to her fave sushi place called Sushi Totoro -yes after the
popular cartoon character. The restaurant is tiny and is packed. The walls are
covered in polariods of people who've dined there. The owner, who is also the sushi
chef, KC, was funny. He's always drunk and entertains you with funny stories and
sake shots from behind the sushi bar. I had Agedashi Tofu, Uni and Unagi Sushi and
a bowl of Chicken Donburi. Oinker! They were delish! KC shouts my name as we leave.


From 5am, Maria's alarm buzzes maybe 6 times before she finally gets up. The plan was
I leave at 7, the same time she does. Doesn't happen btw, because I was still in a
daze from yesterday's plane ride.
I finally get out the door at 8:45.
I drive on the 1 quicker than yesterday and I get on the 880 in no time.
Two hours later and oh maybe a bajillion freeways later I see the 29. Napa the sign
says. Yay! Now to find my first winery. I chose Niebaum-Coppola - film director,
Francis Ford-Coppola's- first and then decided to work my way down.
I see a few winery's on the 29 that were listed on Lonely Planet. One called Nickel
and Nickel I want to visit soon, because it has a few horses standing around the
entrance. Lovely!
I get to Niebaum-Coppolla easily, the entrance to the winery is well-marked and with
a nice fountain. And the temperature out is perfect too!
The valet attendant gave me a free pass to look around the estate -tours are about $25.
The path leading to the house is shaded by grape vines and there is a beautiful
fountain right in front of the house.
I go around the house, or rather, mansion, a bit. The place is littered with Coppolla
family collections -there's even a vintage car on the second floor foyer.
I get to the shop and find this nice bottle of 2004 Cask Cabernet Sauvignon
-Michael's folks fave and I wanted to see how much it cost. I asked a shop lady and it was
way over my budget. Then she goes on and leads me to the wine tasting counter to give me a
free glass. I'm pleased of course, as the tasting is
$15! I settle on a 2006 bottle of white instead, grab some locally made hand cremes, and a
nice, heart-shaped Murano-like glass piece.

I see that it's noon and decide to rush. I had another winery in mind before I go to
Downtown Napa and I had to return my hire car by 6.

I drive south on the 29 and see the post office. I wanted to send Ems and Michael
posty. I ended up sending it elsewhere, but that street had a couple of quaint mini-
tasting rooms that I'd like to visit next time.
I pass the Oakville Grocery -it's been around since the late 1800's- to find locally
made goodies. The place was packed with couples on wine and cheese picnics and cyclists.
I like the mood of the place even if there wasn't much elbow room. I tried some of their
jams and tapenade. I ended up getting Maria some tomatoe tapenade, my uncle some goat's
cheese and a jar of fig jam and a cookie sandwich for myself. I bought postcards here
too and wrote on them outside, on empty wine casks that served as tables. I saw the
Napa Wine train pass by too.

I head down to another winery called Trefethen. If I'm not mistaken, it's the oldest
[and biggest, with over 880 acres] winery in Napa. It's a bit a drive to get in the
estate. The winery itself is not impressive. It looks much like a big barn but there's
a lot to it than just being plain. It's actually a gravity-flow winery barn. Quite ingenious!
Wines were deeelish! Here I paid for the $10 tasting - and got a free glass too. I tried
the Dry Reisling, Rose, Pinot, Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvingon. The Cab and the Merlot
were my faves.
I didn't leave the winery till I got some jumping photos. I wasn't as successful this time
as I was sloshed AND starving. But I managed to get some photos anyway...much to the
entertainment of wine afficionados driving by while I did funny poses.

I decide to take the OTHER freeway, Silverado Trail the rest of the way down. It was pretty
too and I chanced upon a little shop called Soda Canyon where I bought my lunch - a Portobello
Sandwich. Delish! The place wasn't as well stocked as Oakville Grocery though but they served
proper food.

I get to Downtown Napa at around 1 and am a bit disapppointed. A lot of shops were closed or
empty and there wasn't much to see -compared to the busy Downtown Petaluma. I wanted to get a
few more things and found this little clothing store close to Silverado trail called 26.
I also had a slice of honey-covered baklava from a Turkish cafe. Yum!

As I rushed to leave, down the SIlverado Trail I saw a building that said Public Market.
It was too tempting not to stop and I'm glad I did.
Inside was much like a dry marketplace, with little restaurant stalls and shops.
My faves are the organic veg stall, the spice stall and the tea stall. I wish I'd have taken
photos of all but I was in such a hurry.
I actually got down to the airport to exchange my hire care for an SUV with just 2 minutes
to spare!
I needed the SUV for tomorrow, when my relatives would fly in for Maria's graduation.

I get to Santa Cruz at 7:30 and we head out for a Thai dinner. It was DELISH! After dinner
we headed to the boardwalk, where there were fireworks going off. We were thinking it was
the other graduating students. The traffic was SO heavy in the area!
Maria also showed me the way to her uni for the graduation ceremony tomorrow. Easy enough,
even in the dark.


I wake up at 6...or rather was woken up at 6am to pick my relatives up at San Jose at 8.
Maria's graduation was at 9. Cutting it terribly close so I had to really pull a Miss
Grandprix. And we made it! Only 4 minutes late. Yay me!
Thankfully, it wasn't all fog and gloom and at the end of the ceremony the sun came out.
We headed to Maria's fave Chinese resto for lunch with her boyf, Matt's, family. His
little sister, Bella is adorable! We were supposed stroll around the boardwalk afterward
but I had to be at the airport at 3 [and return the hire car before that] so I had to leave
before I got to see it in the daylight.
Again, I made it, with 30minutes to spare before boarding.
I didn't realise how shattered I was till I sat down in the plane. I dozed off as soon as we
took off. I think anyone would be just as knackered being all over the place like I did...
then again lugging a 30lbs backpack to the airport isn't a piece of cake either!

It was another fun trip for me. A bit short-lived, but then again there really isn't much
apart from wineries. Maybe next time, I'll find more interesting things to see. I would like
to go back again before the year ends, and hopefully see Laure and Dina.

PS I got an A- in my accounting class! I didn't even finish the project! And did terribly in my finals! Nothing balanced. A...for effort I bet. But I'm not complaining :)

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BLAAAARRRGGGHHH!!! [May. 28th, 2008|06:40 pm]
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[I am |annoyedannoyed]


- Noticed one of tyres were sitting a bit low, had workmate
check it out
- Swamped at work
- Went to tyre shop to have my tyre taken care of; found out
that it's too worn to be repaired, and so are the rest of my
tyres to they have to be replaced!
- Bye bye $370 :(
- Returned jeans I bought last week. Hello $ 40
- Had my lashes done, whinged with my aesthetician about our
- Found out that I lost my flash drive that reads my camera
memory stick [need it cause my camera isn't working right]
AND I lost the memory stick that was attached to it too :(


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Possibly...maybe... [May. 16th, 2008|05:20 pm]
[I am |confusedlost]

The day is winding down to a snail-type halt -if ever there was such a thing. I was pretty busy till about this last hour but the heat out is just making me sleepy. Everyone at work is all glued to their computers either looking for music or shopping. Would've been perfect if my comp had Photoshop then I could've worked on my Coachella and the rest of the posts I've been meaning to put up. I'm getting there though. Maybe next week I'll have at least Coachella up for you all to see.

My sister, Karen, came to visit. She flew in Thursday last week and it was nice to have her around. I've been away from my family for almost 2 years and while I do like the independence I do miss them. Familiarity may breed contempt, however, you don't realise how much you miss someone till you don't see them often. I got to take her around this time -last time she left early for Oregon. I also got to take her to Palm Springs to see my friends ♥

I'm a bit on edge again these days, and being pissy about everything. From being busy with my sister, I also have work, uni arrangements, car insurance bullshit and finals & projects due. My work at the Y is about to end because the program I'm at in school is about to end [sad about that one]. So I'll be back to full-time student status and will have to find work...for a rainy day/s.
This person that I like, I really really do like. But I don't know if it's just period mood swings or whatever but I'm not feeling so keen atm. All these thoughts of [self-]doubt -mostly from feeling insecure too- have been creeping up and I'm hating that I can't help it. I'm a cranky monkey, that's what it is :( Well, I still have my fingers crossed hoping no matter what things do work itself out with everything, somehow.

On prettier things, just like Joanna Goddard said, I also dream of living this catalogue life.
And I just turned in a project for my design class and it turned out pretty good actually...considering I only worked on it for 3 sessions [it's due next week!]. I procrastinate much, yes. My professor was pretty happy too. So, yay! It's a pdf of my trips to Vietnam and Sonoma, CA, which you can download here.

Oh, and that chartreuse cossie I've been dreaming of, looks much like the one on page 13.

I just hi-fived the cutest little toddler with chocolate fingers so I had to go wash my hands.
I must go as I'm off of work and I want to run -haven't done that in 3 weeks :(
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thanks for everything [Apr. 30th, 2008|08:09 pm]
[I am |annoyedannoyed]

This week doesn't seem to be working out as well as I'd hope and I've been pretty cranky at everyone and everything. It's not all too bad except I've been really swamped at work, have loads of coursework to finish [thanks to my being a lazy ass], been forgetting to do things left and right, and for today I left my mobile at my other work so I'll have to make sure it's still there tomorrow -and one of my friends was supposed to phone me tonight. Nice. I'm also having the blank canvas scare atm and I have a design project due in 3 weeks and I barely have anything done. Master procrastinator. I haven't been sleeping well at all because all these things are running in my head. I've actually resorted to some valerian for help. Tastes crappy btw, but my body can only handle natural supplements.

I'm sure you're all waiting for my Coachella photos and I'm working on them. I still have so much backlog on emails and letters, paperwork, laundry, me things to take of. This is one of those times wherein I wish I could duplicate myself and the next one would be twice as good as I am at getting things done. I'm getting the meantime, gotta focus on my mantra. Reeeeelaaaaxxxx.

It's my bestfriend's birthday on Friday and what I'm pleased about is that I already have her pressie.
It's quite pretty and I'm quite proud of myself. Yay! And I get a nice day off of work so I HOPE that it will be a highly rewarding, relaxing weekend. I think I deserve it for working my butt off these past few weeks. Tomorrow, I head of to PS. I think I will get myself a nice big glass of Vietnamese Iced White Coffee so I can happily stay awake! I'm out of thoughts currently, if I talk anymore it'd be a full on whinge and I just don't want that. So for the meantime, I leave you with this video I took of Emil on his birthday. I'm bored and starving so I think I'll take off and maybe go for a run when I get home before I start packing.

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It makes my day when I hear Zero 7 playing on the radio [Apr. 23rd, 2008|07:48 pm]
[I am |hungryhungry&excited]

A couple of weekends ago, I met up with one of my friends who's been going through some issues. Everytime I said something, they would relate whatever I'd said to their situation -even if what I'd said had nothing at all to do with it. I realise that when one is going through something particularly difficult, everything is about themselves. They relate what you say to what's going with them at the moment.
And I'm not saying that this person is selfish. I guess you just get so self involved when you're troubled. I can't say I'm not the same either as when I was giving advice, what I was saying was coming from my situation.

Work today was good. So far this week it hasn't been as frenetic as it has been the last couple of weeks. Whee. I'm still hunched over my desk working of course, but it's all easy-going sort. And yesterday I helped one parent who's from New Zealand. We had a nice chat too.

I'm in one of my classes and I'm actually too lazy to do work...and craving badly for the ramen I had in Santouka. I was considering taking off and driving 10miles just to have it for dinner but the restaurant closes at 7,30 and it's already 7,32 :( Possibly tomorrow, if I still wake up thinking about it.

I am SUPER excited as this weekend, I will be attending Coachella Fest. The line up looks promising and I've been wanting to watch Zero 7-esque bands play so this is just fab!
OMG, I have to pack...sun conscious wardrobe as I'll be under the sun almost all day. Cheers!
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Maybe I should've done it the other way [Apr. 17th, 2008|07:29 pm]
[I am |artisticartistic]

* * *Collapse )

but I quickly forget about them once I'm fully awake.

Little things:

Ramen and gelato. Been craving food quite intensely. It's a bit embarassing actually.

It's so sweet to be greeted with utmost enthusiasm by kids I had been with during the past camp session, or even those that had only come by the office lots.

I'm on an organising rampage and have been buying things to get my room and bathroom look put together. I haven't had this in awhile, not since we moved in to our new flat in Manila. And I bought new sheets, again! I've been on a bit of a shopping craze as well which isn't great, but I promise, this will be my least till the next payday. Haha.

In spite of some rude and cranky callers at work, the lovely parents and donors still outnumber them greatly.

Good food...I've suddenly been eating loads this week...possibly because I've been working out harder.

I'm not a big fan of the whole urban scene but I'm kind of liking everything about this song.

I saw this adorable terrier running after this boy on his bike down the block. I thought it was his dog...but turns out the dog was just saying hello.

There is this boy I've met...he likes to take photos too just like me. He takes nice ones. I like him.

It was so hot for awhile last week through the weekend then suddenly Monday morning it was SO cold. Today was perfect though.

My little sister is coming to visit for a week next month. I can't wait.

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Mid-week fillerupper [Mar. 26th, 2008|08:10 pm]
[I am |boredbored]

Things you may (or may not) know about me . . .

Here are lists of things you may or may not have known, in no particular order. The directions are at the end.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Teacher

2. product designer

3. marketing assistant

4. Credit Collector

Four movies I would watch over and over (if I had the time):

1. My Bestfriend's Wedding

2. Jurassic Park [all 3] haha:)

3. Indiana Jones [all 3]

4. the Jack Ryan movies based on the Tom Clancy novels [notice the trend with trilogies?]

Four places I have lived:

Only two for me...

1. Makati, Philippines

2. Anaheim CA, USA



Four TV shows I watch:

1. CSI

2. just about everything on Nat Geo and Discovery Channel

3. nip/tuck

4. Top Chef [yum!]

Four places I have been:

1. Hongkong

2. Bangkok

3. Singapore

4. Kuala Lumpur

People who email me regularly:

1. mum

2. Joy

3. Emily

4. Chris

Four of my favorite foods:

1. anything shrimp, crab, scallops, and fish and chips

2. pistaccio gelato

3. dark choc

4. SUSHI!!!

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. At a beach in Greece...lounging

2. BFF time with Celine

3. Driving around the country with Ems & T

4. Australia

Four friends I think will respond:

1. everyone on my LJ friends list

2. MANILA friends, ahem

3. my sister

4. anyone else who reads my blog :)

Four friends who will not respond to this:





Four things I look forward to in 2008:

1. snowboard more

2. maybe with someone I can relate to and vice-versa

3. keep my fab job

4. more great adventures

Four types of clothes I like to wear:

1. dresses


3. singlets

4. crisp striped shirts


Now here's what you're supposed to do . . . and please don't spoil the fun!
Copy and paste. Delete my answers then put in your own. Then send this to a whole bunch of people you know, INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little-known facts about those who know you.
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Would you like to try some animal flavoured fruit gummie candy? [Mar. 20th, 2008|07:06 pm]
[I am |chipperpeachy]

I’ll revert to my dorky nerdy-self for awhile and tell you that working at the Y has been quite rewarding. Today one of the new mums came in to sign her daughter up for a program and for some reason I remembered her daughter’s name. The mum looked like one of the cool women I did yoga with so I liked her immediately. She was really pleased I remembered her daughter’s name and went on about how I’m so helpful and how she likes me [and my bracelets]. It’s days like this when you just don’t mind working extra hard for people. And not only was she just as pleased as I was, but she just gave me this wonderful place to take a trip too.
A little segue…one time I was a PS, I brought my Cranium game to a friend’s house to play and in they made fun of me for a bit that we’d be drinking on a Saturday but with a board game. Even afterwards they some thought it was a bit silly that I was serious about the game –well, if you haven’t played it yet, it’s SUPER fun. But a week later, I find out from one of my friends, that one of the guys I met that time went out and bought the game the next day. How cool is that!
With Easter Sunday coming up, one of my supervisors gave me Easter pressies, a writing notebook and a plastic egg [I think with candy inside, I hope it's choc!].

But anyway, so yea, things like that are nice. Esp when I’m appreciated for my nerdy little self and people just plain like it. Sometimes, with everything going on around me, I forget who I am and these remind me that it’s good to be me.

On the title of this post, I had meant to say fruit flavoured animal gummie candy. Quite a mouthful so I got mixed up. Mandie was a bit surprised how I got my hands on animal flavoured candy, but was a sport and joined me in finding out what a hippo, penguin, koala and lion tasted like.

AND I am SO looking forward to the weekend. Good stuff happening :) This are looking up as always

Mandie"s Birthday

Music wishlist:
° Stellar - Incubus
° Dig - Incubus
° Anna Molly - Incubus
° The Pot - Tool
° My Hero - Foo Fighters
° Longview - Greenday

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Leaning against plastic pool chairs [Mar. 16th, 2008|08:56 pm]
[I am |sleepysleepy]


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You take what I take. You feel what I feel. [Mar. 5th, 2008|10:56 pm]
[Where | |mi casa]
[I am |sleepysleepy]
[I can hear |the chef from dinner impossible on telly]

I was so annoyed today. I had this doctor's appointment and I couldn't find the clinic and by the time I got there I was 30mins late. The best bit was the doctor wouldn't see me because I was too late. After all the trouble I went through! I had to skip work and after all that the rest of my afternoon was in a funk. After that I was on the phone whinging to Selene -I know one of the things I'm giving up for lent is whinging but I had to just this once. Urrrrgggh.
Do you even notice how funny you sound when you whinge? I'm especially horrible when I'm frustrated. I think if I see myself from what another person sees I probably look like I'm a little bit crazy. Earlier I caught myself saying, This blows! I know certain things I pick up from my friends and people around me but I can't seem to figure out where I got that phrase from. I'm intruiged now.

Selene spent the night the weekend before last. We went out for proper Japanese dinner with Sayaka -sake and all! Sayaka's never tried sake before [!!!] and she likes it. Yay. I also took Selene to this art supply store at Westminister and she went crazy. I like being there too cause it reminds me of an artist neighbour of mine when I was younger. He was Italian and drew cartoons for Hanna-Barbera and was also a sculptor. The art store smelled exactly like his apartment. Selene and I bought loads of canvas for when we paint. She blew about $100 alone in that place. Who doesn't like arty things anyway.

Which fish?

let there be light

salmon roe and caviar

hagedashi tofu...YUUUM



homemade custard

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Pink, Shiny, and Hopeful [Feb. 17th, 2008|10:11 pm]
[I am |amusedamused]

Sayaka's birthday was last weekend. It was really nice and even better than the last. We met up at Irvine Spectrum as she was craving for some shrimp popcorn at Cheesecake Factory. We were supposed to have some yogurt but the place we were going to had a line all the way outside the yogurt shop so we decided against it. But what a big difference between yogurt and shrimp popcorn no? Sayaka had her shrimp and I had a grilled artichoke -my new favourite veg since coming here!
After we ate I opened up Chi's little pressie's for me [it's already February and it's still my birthday!] You'll see those next time...what's left of them. Teehee...

Sayaka had a dinner reservation for 5,30 at Matsu in Huntington Beach. It's a cozy restaurant, table cloths and all and her friend, Tomoe was serving that night. I've never met Tomoe but she seems like a fun person. Kind of like Celine maybe. One thing I noticed about her is her deep voice. It's amazing! I love deep voices on women so yay her!
Since it was Sayaka's birthday Tomoe convinced the sushi chef to make us special sushi and special they were. They don't normally serve all types of sushi in one platter but they did it especially for us. The chef even made this very unique salmon sushi, wrapped around a scallop and on top was a teeny-tiny egg yolk and bits of chili. It was insane. AND of course I had my uni [sea urchin, my ultimate fave] and unagi [fresh water eel, my other fave]. I'm just SO happy, I dunno why but eating sushi does that to me.
Tomoe introduced us to the sushi chefs and to her boss. He was funny because when she said that Sayaka was her former roomate he said, No wonder you moved out. There was a lot of bowing too and fast hushed Japanese talk. I love it. Sayaka's a bit amazed because not even Japanese people are as enthusiatic about Japanese food as I am.
After dinner Sayaka got a little birthday song -which she then explained to me doesn't have anything to do with birthdays or anything for that matter. It's just that it's sung at the restaurant because it's got a celebratory sound to it and they can use it for other occassions like graduations, etc. Tomoe explained the song as well and it's actually a children's song about a bird and how it flaps it's wings. Leave it to the Japanese to be so resourceful. Sayaka got a nice bowl of 3 scoops of ice cream -again 2 were a bonus as normally they just give one. It was vanilla, green tea and coffee. My favourite was the coffee. It was delicious! I haven't had ice cream that good in awhile so that made me even happier.
I hope Sayaka enjoyed her birthday; balloons, crown, lei and all.

Happy Birthday!

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We all have a weakness [Feb. 13th, 2008|08:37 pm]
[Where | |Orange]
[I am |indifferentindifferent]
[I can hear |the instructor lecturing]

coffee by the beach
Laguna Beach

Work today went by like a breeze. Well almost, but the unwanted bits are almost negligeable.
It's my third day with my new job at the YMCA, as their programs assistant. It was stressful at first with all the information to learn but today was lots better. There's lots to get used to but I like that it's something new and a step up. I don't know yet if I like what I'm doing as it's very different from working with kids. I miss them lots, but tomorrow I'll see them for Valentine's Day as they have a party.

I've loads of stuff to do other than that, with work and coursework. February is looking to be a busy month. I'm feeling a bit stressed by a couple of things and I find that I've been really impatient lately. Not too impatient like I used to be like before, but since it's rare now that I get cranky it just shows that I've loads on my mind. One thing I'm quite frustrated about is that I can never seem to catch up on my homework. I do give it time and I really sit down and study but whenever I get to class I didn't get all that's needed done, and if I do, I do most of it wrong.
I started waking up early again -not good. I get like that when I've much to think of. What's really bad about it is that I can't get myself to sleep till late. Hopefully it'll pass soon. I need my rest as I feel so shattered when I get home.

There's this man I was madly in love with -I don't think he even knows that. I saw him before the weekend. Sometimes I wish things were better but things always happen for a reason.

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